Jet Nike Twitter RSVP Bot is the only best Twitter RSVP Bot or Twitter RSVP Bot on net which can help you to win Nike Shoes released by Twitter RSVP Account.

What Nike RSVP Sniper does:

Repeatedly monitor Nike twitter accounts (10 max) for a specific “RSVP tweet. This tweet will include a product specific hashtag that is circled in a provided image. (eg. “#RSVP is now open for the Nike Air Max 1, #specifichashtag”)

When such a tweet is posted and you have the accounts and required details loaded, the bot rapid fire DM’s (Direct Message) from multiple twitter accounts (1-20) to the target Nike twitter account while sourcing the #Specifichashtag from the RSVP tweet. The DM’s sent will be formatted as #specifichastag, (First Name Last Name, Shoe Size, with the “specific hashtag”.)

You be able to preload the Twitter RSVP Sniper with a list of the names and shoe sizes and once a target twitter account post’s an RSVP tweet, the software will immediately send DM’s, each from a different twitter account, in the specific format that Nike has instructed.

Product Name: Nike Twitter RSVP Bot
Category: Twitter Bots
Type: auto poster auto responder message sender private message sender shoe bot
Also Known As: nike twitter bot , nike rsvp bot , nike twitter rsvp bot , rsvp bot , twitter rsvp bot , nike rsvp service , nike bot , best nike bot , rsvp twitter bot , best nike twitter bot...
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