The GooglePlay Bot the only windows based application on internet and acts as

Google Play App Download bot and simulates the download of your application using different IMEI, proxies, mac addresses and android versions to increase the number of total downloads of the application on the Appstore.

Google Play Application Review Bot and automatically posts the review to Any APK app on Google Play with different Android versions, IMEI, proxies and MAC addresses to create an impressive ratings of the app on the Google play website. Reviews should be given in form of a list to the software. (Global Spinnable Syntax also works with this).

Appstore Rater Bot and automatically give the rating to android app in the appstore with any star from 1 to 5.

The bot does every action with the spoofing of different android devices.

Product Name: The GooglePlay Bot
Category: Mobile Bots
Type: Jumbo Bot mobile software services uploader bot Voter Bot
Also Known As: google play download bot , android app download bot...
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