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Products Overview

All of our Bots use enhanced Winsock Technology meaning they are not the usual bots you see everywhere. These bots are up to 50 times faster than the regular bots and are much much stable in comparison as well.

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Common Features

  • Enhanced Winsock Technology
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Advanced PP Technology to process requests faster
  • Multi Threading that further speeds up the bot
  • Chaining  – Enables the bot to run unmonitored on a given list of accounts
  • Proxy Feature
  • Auto-Proxy Switching Feature
  • Multi-computer License
  • Easy to use layout
  • Instant Download
  • No Installation Required
  • CAPTCHA Bypass* in all of our bots


  • You can use any of our Bots on unlimited number of Accounts and on the licensed computer. You can run the software anywhere for any number of accounts. For reselling and affiliate contact us.
  • Special discounts on bulk purchases. Please contact us to learn more.
  • Please check TOS for more details.


We commit to give the required updates to our customers on demand, whenever there is any change affecting the bot’s activity.

*CAPTCHA Bypasser

We have just teamed up with a third-party CAPTCHA service and integrated their service in all of our bots (optional). You need to buy credits from a 3rd Party websites (,, and any other service can be integrated on request as well), and just type your user/pass in our software (if you want the software to bypass the CAPTCHAs) and everything is automatic from there – Just like you type the CAPTCHAs manually, the software will bypass the CAPTCHAs. We have added this service in our bots because we know that CAPTCHAs’ sucks :-) And on request of lots of our loyal customers, just like YOU :) Thank you.

Please contact us, if you have any questions. Thank you.


We are not responsible/liable for any of the damage or illegal use, using our software(s). The buyers are buying and using the bots at their own risks. Our bots are not intended to harass or overload any system, please be respectful and stay within the guidelines of the site you are using the bots on. We are in NO WAY affiliated with any of the sites, mentioned above.


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